I’m Panagiotis Mitzias

A Software Engineer

years of experience in Semantic Technologies and Knowledge Graphs as a Research Associate and Senior Software Engineer.

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I received my M.Eng. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in 2012.

I work as a research associate and a software engineer since 2014. With participation in a long series of EU-funded research projects, I have acquired an elaborate expertise in the design and implementation of complex system architectures in the domains of e-health, digital preservation, security and crisis management. In parallel, I have worked on the implementation of sentiment extraction techniques from text with the use of knowledge graphs and NLP.

As a result, I have developed a critical skill set in the application of semantic technologies, knowledge graphs, linked data, semantic reasoning and natural language processing. Last but not least, I have several publications in international conferences and scientific journals.

  • Nationality Greek
  • Phone +30 6934807192
  • Location Thessaloniki, Greece
  • E-mail pmitzias@gmail.com
    • Institute for Bio-Economy & Agri-Technology
      Research Associate / Senior Software Engineer
      2020 - Now
    • Participation and task leading in H2020 research project KYKLOS 4.0.

    • Catalink Ltd
      Research Associate / Senior Software Engineer
      2019 - Now
    • * Participation in H2020 research projects PREVISION and CPSoSaware.

      * Leading the design and development of the CASPAR Framework.

    • Sentigeek
      Chief Technology Officer
      2016 - 2018
    • * Research and suggest new technological approaches for the platform’s stack.

      * Design and implementation of Sentigeek’s elaborate platform.

      * Development of Natural Language Processing algorithms with the application of Semantic Technologies towards the sentiment analysis of customer reviews.

    • Information Technologies Institute
      Research Associate / Senior Software Engineer
      2014 - 2019
    • * Configured, integrated and deployed semantic infrastructure (triplestore, interfaces, querying, etc.).

      * Managed the implementation of semantic technologies dedicated software per project’s needs.

      * Designed & developed taxonomies/ontologies/knowledge graphs in close collaboration with end users.

      * Acquired the roles of senior software engineer, technical manager, task and work-package leader.

      * Participation in several H2020 research projects: SODALITE, SUITCEYES, beAWARE, ROBORDER, TENSOR, PERICLES, Dem@Care.

    • M.Eng. in Electrical & Computer Engineering
      Faculty of Engineering in Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece
    • Python
    • PyQt
    • Protégé
    • SPARQL
    • OWL/RDF
    • SQL/SQLite
    • HTML/CSS
    • PHP
  • Here you can find a subset of my key publications. For a complete list please visit my Google Scholar and Researchgate profiles.

  • My research and technical interests include (but do not limit to) the following topics:

    • Linked (Open) Data
    • Knowledge Graphs
    • Semantic Annotation
    • Semantic Fusion
    • Ontology Modelling
    • Semantic Reasoning
    • Natural Language Processing

Key Projects

I have managed the design and implementation of numerous technical projects and tools, both open source and proprietary. You may find some of these below.

Participated in these

Research Projects


Got an idea that needs some work?

Ideas make the world spin. I would be happy to hear yours in my range of expertise and research interests. Though, please excuse any delay in communications due to heavy workload.